Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories rips


I did start ripping from this but stopped when I realized that when extracted the textures would not all extract, however…I did get them eventually but it would have meant re-uv mapping them all that’s pretty much as far as I got.

I sure hope someone manages to do this.


Support (because Ashley and Sayoko are hot)

I’ve never played those games before but I’m going to support just because the models look well done and they have a good anime feel to them.

Yeah CING went all out with this game, everything about it is beautiful shame the company went bust though really loved how all their games were original.

Since no one has done this yet and since I have a proper copy of this I may consider re-visiting these, since I can do uv-mapping in my sleep as of now.

I’ll support because the second guy has piss yellow hair and i love piss yellow hair.

I do not support this.

Oh yes, please do this, I can’t think of how many things I could do with these models

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Seriously, this is like, the model request of the century. You need to do this.

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Not doing it would be like standing on babies wearing a sweater made of live puppies.

And wearing shoes made of kittens, sponsoring central african child labor to boot, I presume?

I support this because of all the neat things I could do with that little kid wearing shorts.



You scare me.