Another "could not find bone for bbox" error

So I have been trying to learn how to make ragdolls, and right now I am running into this problem:
Working on
SMD MODEL locust_bolo_grenade.smd
SMD MODEL boloragdoll.smd
cannot find bone b_bolo_root for bbox
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘gow\weapons\locust_bolo_grenade.mdl’

This is my qc, I tried to aligned the numbers with the ones on the ragdoll smd:

Please, if you can, help me with this.

Does the b_bolo_root have anything rigged to it? IIRC Source automatically removes any bones that don’t have any skin weights when compiling and in that case it would return that error.

To be fully honest I cannot actually say. Working with bones is something I am still learning, but I will investigate.

obviously not rigged correct. bone -1 is usual the null center. nothing. number 1 is missing. also the hbox commands are hitboxes with 2 endpoints. you can’t just set the bone transform and rotation to it. whether you gotta let the hlmv autogenerate and use the clipboard to copy the definitions or just plain let the engine handle it all the time.

I already tried looking up guides and could not find anything. I already mentioned the fact I am still learning, your last comment is pointless.
Is there a way to salvage this or not?

yes. you gotta rig it correct. search a ‘generic’ model rigging tutorial for the modelling software you use. i can’t advice better then that.

By the way, the bones worked fine before I exported them as smd. Perhaps it is the change in support that broke them?

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Okay, it seems exporting the bones to smd broke them, no longer assigned to the model.

It wouldn’t matter, the bones get removed on compile if they’re not rigged. You could try using $definebone to make sure that root bone doesn’t get removed, more info here:

The bones were rigged to the model before I exported as smd.

So the b_bolo_root does have skin weights assigned to it or does it not?

Yes, every bone is assigned to a part of the model. boloroot is more or less the “base”, for the lack of a better term here.

Never mind, turns out I forgot to export the bones to the reference smd. It compiled now.

Kill me.

Now to make a collis mesh so it will stop showing up as an effect.