Another Crate/everything wipe on US Central 1

:frowning: Any official word on this yet? It is probably the single most discouraging hack that could happen in Rust, all things considered…

Just trying to let my friends know when they should buy the game.

This happend last night late like 2am ish. I showed up to base and it was all gone. My friend ragequit the server lol

Ouch. That stings. Sorry friends. Is there any way/chance they could rollback to restore everything?

Official servers are anarchy, play private!

Also, is there any chance it was a real wipe and not a hacker? you know maybe the server was overburdened, slow, and needed a wipe for performance?

This has been occurring for over a week. See this thread to all the compiled information:

There hasn’t been an official response from the development team, at least that I know of, as of yet. The North American servers have been offline for more than a week and all of my buddies “rage quit” as well. This hack, literally, destroyed the experience of Rust for most of the people I know.

The fact that it’s still happening is discouraging. I know the development team has hackers as their top priority–and they certainly have enough capital to figure the problem out–but it must be more complicated than meets the eye. It just doesn’t seem like they can get a handle on it right now. It seems like the development team is letting it happen–and remaining silent–to gather more data in an effort to stop these hacks completely.

At this point, I guess the only way to combat it is to play on community servers with some form of protection from active admins.

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This has been asked numerous times and, although there hasn’t been an actual response from the dev. team, the consensus is that roll-backs almost never occur.

Thanks for replies. Question answered.

still don’t really understand why people play on the official servers still. I get WHY you maybe have wanted to in the first place but they are doing far worse then private servers as far as cheating is so stop wasting your time.