Another darkrp currency ?

Its possible to make darkrp run with points (poinshop) as currency with some code ?

*i dont really like darkrp , but players of my servers keep asking for it so meh
** if not maybe sync darkrp money with points , so when someone gets/loses darkrp money points get set to that value . and when they use pointshop you know the rest


I suspect that would be hard xd

If you want to create another currency, look into DarkRPVar’s.

Look on CoderHire. There are heaps of addons on the Workshop even that are pointshops for DarkRP and TTT.

I dont think ill find , maybe ill have to post a job
idk how much would be a good pay tho

Nothing on CoderHire is worth more than $5 but I think the devs like ripping people off.


but getting a coder these days is hard xd

still i think its people that pay too much and make coders think is normal to ask 400-600$ on a custom gamemode or 5 - 40$ in one addon

*since they wont sell one , but many copies

Time IS money in development. Garry’s Mod is becoming less and less worth it (I actually dont do Garry’s Mod anymore). It used to be good and fun and now its… well its Garry’s Mod. Point being, someone will do it for relatively cheap. Whether its actually what you wanted and not a back door filled with horrid bugs is another thing.

ahh backdoors , love that shit

Time is money , still i wouldnt pay 600 bucks in any gamemode for any game
*since i could buy unity for 1500 bucks and start making a rp game with a team xd