Another darkrp problem!

Hello! I need some help with my darkrp problems! First i need a good darkrp download link. and how do i add ppl to ulx admin? And how do i delete and make jobs?

Okay, first of all, the download link is currently 2.4.1. It was made about a year ago. It has quite some bugs, might not even work that smoothly anymore either. Now, since I know you have a dedicated server, it will be easier to add SVN of darkrp. However, you probably don’t know about svn. Just google tortoise svn. Download it, restart computer. Then you can listen to steps below.

1.) If you don’t want to install svn on computer, download this:
Otherwise, use this:
2.) I have only used ulx for a week before, that was 6 months ago, and it only lasted 1 day. But I think it’s something like: ‘ulx adduser (name) admin’
3.)to add jobs, and/or delete them, go into gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/shared.lua

Good luck.



You should use evolve admin mod, it’s much more simpler, and very nice.

hi, i have been told that i have dark rp v3.00, but my f4 menu doesnt work!
is there anyone who can help me? thanks already.
ps: sry for bad english…

Nice fucking bump you did there.
Anyways, open up your console when the server starts and copy and paste the error.