Another DarkRP server with issues.

Hey, My name is Huskers on Steam and I own a DarkRP Server. I’m having some issues trying to to add new jobs. I’ve attempted to re-install DarkRP, Remove the GMod folder from SRCDS and start again. When I add the following jobs to my server, besides the default: Hit-man, Guard, Swat, Banker, Drug dealer, Black market dealer, Cable Guy, Swat Leader, Swat Sniper, Admin job, Terrorist, and Thief. I get a menu that looks like this, I outlined the what I’m referring to (ID #1), and what might this other thing might be? This menu only shows up for the Admins. (ID #2)
1# Quick note(Maybe you didn’t notice): the jobs aren’t in its Normal location, it’s gui, and it’s cut off only one shows. (ID #3)
2# Another note: I know this isn’t for ULX, but ULX’s menu won’t show up, after the job’s changes.

(Would not allow me to upload screenshot)

Add and remove jobs 1 by 1 in order to find out which one is causing the problems.