Another day, another fail

I’ve recently made this video:

It’s a scene from the film Inglorius bastard that I have re-elaborated in gmod.

I made the map, and for the camera I used the dynacam and the cinematic camera.
I recorded it using fraps.

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“if you dont tell us were they are… my man is over there gonna beat ya Nazia skull in with a bat”

it was good, but make one with a story now, and avoid the fuzzy border on the screen, just go full screen.

May I ask where Dynacam came in handy for this video ?

It was a good video, just wondering.

Some tips :

  • Fitting Models, the Half Life 2 ones just dont work for this.
  • Sound effects, the music was great and all, but in inglorious bastards you could hear the bat screeching on the ground, doing this could give it more of a “Inglorious Bastards” feel.
  • The ending was very blunt, maybe a different camera angle, some blood, etc.

Either than that it was well done.

P.S this makes me want to remake a scene from Inglorious Bastards :slight_smile:

Well, i didn’t use the dynacam in all the scenes.
The scenes where i didn’t used it are:
when the character with the white clothes look up and when the character with blue clothes hits the character with white clothes.

ps:sorry for my bad english