Another Day at the Oupost

After weeks of having no inspiration at all i did this, C&C appreciated.

Non-bloom version:

[SP]Winner to the guy/gal who can find all of the camouflaged renegades…[/SP]

And before anyone asks, it’s a scenebuild on Gm_Black.

I always love your fortifications

Thanks man.

there is a little bit of jpeg compression, but other than that, it is quite interesting to look at. have an art.

i found the renegades

but im not gonna tell you because thats cheating and ill tell on you

roight n’ proppa boss

Quite like it. Just a bit flat in the background.

Have to wonder though- where some of the props ever released?

Don’t you mean Blackgrass or Blackmesa?

Well that depends what props you’re referring too, everything but the trench walls and the bunker have been released.
The two structures, tank traps, sandbags, mountain and towers are from Nuclear Dawn while everything else is bits and pieces from various FP releases.

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Nope, Gm_Black. You should check it out.

Got any link for that?

Yeah I meant the trech props. Since I utterly don’t recall a release thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at the bottom of the OP: