Another Day in the Arctic (unedited)

Was bored and i didn’t have anything else to do.

I’m happy with how i cought the bloom in the 2nd pic, but i don’t like her arms in the first pic, i tried to make it look like she was hugging herself for warmth.

I don’t think she would be wearing jeans and just a long-sleeve shirt, perhaps a jacket? But it looks cool :slight_smile:

its quite bland

Fookin’ Borealis?

idk how do u do it without photoshop :v: its still nice!

Ingame utilities can make all the difference :wink:


Well, i mean, going into a fictional background here, shes at an outpost, (which you can see behind her), so you’d think that she’s just coming out to take a look (most likely at the icebreaker).

They would get frostbite in seconds if they were out in the Arctic with those clothes on.

Posing is off on both of them in the 2nd picture. Simple DoF still used, still look like garbage.

Again it looks bland as anything I’ve seen.

Don’t use simple DoF
otherwise kinda empty

1st picture is like “I saw what you did there!”

Certainly looks cold. Boat stuck in ice?
Nice pose on second pic. Like the boat model.

Frostbite within seconds eh? First of all, frostbite only occurs when your in the most extreme of conditions for it to set in at all. Even then theres several stages after prolonged exposure to dangerously low temperatures WITH wind chill before frostbite becomes a prominent issue, not to mention in the summer time, Antarctica’s temperature reaches nearly 40 degrees fahrenheit in various areas, along with the added fact that it only gets to the most extreme of conditions when your in or near the center of it. And since they’re recieving a ship, their outpost could easily be within the yellow zone of antarctica (where it’s the warmest, not to mention you can clearly see that she is, in fact, wearing a thin jacket).

If your going to factually criticize me, atleast do your homework so you don’t sound COMPLETELY asinine.

Simple DOF? For the 2nd pic, yea, i could see that as an issue.

Posing is off in the 2nd pic? I can see that too.

I cant understand the props on the 1st picture…
Also the DoF suddently stops at a container(or wall I dont know what it is).

It’s part of the map, i believe shes on the 1st landing of the 2 staircases leading up to the observational post, the 2 “crates” in the first picture are generators i think, and the two tower-like structures behind her are, i believe, radio towers?

Is simple DoF really that bad?

And then the fookin’ Thing destroys everything.