Another Dumb List of Things that Could be Added

Higher Tech Items

Basic flamethrower
Could consist of a candle, low grade fuel, wood, high quality metal, and leather to create a clunky home-made flamethrower. Burns any type of wooden structures for a short period of time.

Any counter part to the AK47
The AK47 has a ton of kick and an unreliable spray pattern, but it’s high damaging. What I’d like to see in the future is some sort of counter part that delivers maybe a slower rate of fire, slightly less damage, but lower recoil and higher accuracy such as an makeshift M4.

Port holes or shutters for windows
Maybe a system where it can be only opened and closed from inside the base, but allows a window to be shut revealing a small slit to shoot from, allowing the user to maintain a defensive stance rather than exposing themselves with a wider, more open view.

I greatly enjoy mowing down people with automatic firearms and advanced technology just as much as the next guy, but I believe we should develop more broader and in depth ideas to the whole “survival in the wild” gameplay, making spears, swords and axes viable weapons in many instances.
Here are some ideas I thought of that could work.

**Lower Tech Ideas / Environment
Can be made to store a sleeping bag and a small chest. Uses leather, wood, and cloth to make.

Could consist of a human skull and a wood spear to craft.

No vehicles
I personally don’t like the idea of vehicles. It ruins the whole guerilla warfare vibe Rust tends to have. On modded servers there would just be convoys of clans with machine guns riding on the back of them killing anything they see.
I would say the only real vehicle that could be added is a minecart system, where there could be a strict pre-built map generated rail system, and players can ride it using low grade fuel. The counter part could be that it makes a lot of noise and leaves a smoke trail of some kind.

Throwing Axes, Javelins or Knives
Allowing players who don’t want to use firearms, or don’t have the ability to get a hold of one, have some fair fight against people who do.

Ghillie suits and netting
Ghillie suits could be made from burlap masks or specific types of clothing.
Or to make them very rare, uncraftable but available in rare instances in air drops.
Netting could be used to coat a layer over the roof and walls of your house, camouflaging your house with the environment.

No major scopes (x4, x8, x12 or adjustable)
I’m sure there’s a minority that agrees with me, but military grade scopes would be frustrating to play against. If any scope should be added to give extra magnification, it should have be something that’s very home-made. I always thought the scope on the Bazaar Bargan from TF2 looks rather nice as a simple flip-up scope that could deliver a x2 sight advantage.

Randomly generated underground tunnels
It would be interesting to see people use underground tunnels as a means of transportation, or to mine ore rather than the surface. Preferably not many added onto a single map, maybe only 3 to 4 large ones. To prevent people from building there, they could be radiated and a hot spot for the helicopter to visit.

A blocking system in Rust would greatly improve the melee combat and I believe should be added.
But what about shields? Allowing only a dagger, a sword or a torch to be held on the other hand
Shields could be made from sticks, leather and cloth and can be upgraded to sheets of metal.

Could be the earliest version of a firearm instead of the revolver or pipe shotgun. Very inaccurate but could almost instant kill unarmored targets. Very easy to craft and the most cheapest ammo in the game.

Dragging Bodies and Sleepers
Would be great to see a system where you can drag injured comrades out of battle.

I half agree with all of this.

I think that there should be some type of vehicles in Rust, maybe if they had WAY bigger maps.

Then the refinery wouldn’t turn oil into low grade fuel, but into gasoline.

Then this would basically turn into Mad Max.

To counter this, I think fuel and refineries should be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY RARE. More rare than guns. More rare than explosives. This would be the most rare thing in the game.

Also the oil rigs, that pump oil should be rare.


Definitely would balance some things. Wood one would block arrows, but they already nerfed the bow, so that’s no good.

Dragging Bodies and Sleepers

I think this is a very cool thing. Very cool. I would love to see this in.

Everything else I agree with except the vehicles one.

Sir David I’m completely with you I also feel that vehicles will be the death of rust, only large groups would have any benefit from vehicles unless they were bicycles or some other form of 1 man transport. Clans with vehicles traveling in convoy will be too op.

Hi all hi OP!

100% agreed with this comment. :slight_smile:

As far as vehicles goes, with the current map size, the only things I would love to have is horseback riding and very small rafts (like canoës) for rivers and lakes. Anything more “powerful” (as in sturdier, faster, or able to transport groups) would have every chance to break balance in favor of organized groups and long-term players, ruining any chance of fun for newcomers.

Ex: a group of 4 people ride in a 4x4: they can raid most of the loot place in the same time a walker would need to go to one (or maybe two) loot places… At least in the map I’m playing on (nearly all places are on flat terrain or directly accessible with roads).

Also, on the bow, didn’t play the new Rust before they nerfed it… So is it why even a headshot to a man with nearly no protection (only normal clothing) didn’t kill straight?
EDIT: I’m sure I hit the head because it was my friend I killed, cause he blocked himself between fundation and rock, death was the only exit. ^^ So I had plenty of time to adjust the aim.