Another fine game by Garry!

Hello humens, I just wonder if this game will contain like cars or any transports in the near future, anyone of you know that?
and if it will be more kinds of building material, tex basement and that. [And maybe you could do that you can craft more advanced weaponns in a workshop which you can only make in your home.] <-- for the devs.

but do you guys know anything?

Regarding the vehicles: There are currently cars in the game, but only accessible by admin.

I really want this game xD

wow cars really? Thats awesome =D

God damn it I keep getting murdered. I just want some chicken to make it through the night.

haha i just got done watching all of psi’s vids this is an amazing game. i was watching a lot of dayz and i looked up when the stand alone comes out (still didn’t find out) and i saw they mentioned this game so i checked it out and holy cow! i don’t know how i never saw this game before! i’m going to watch any and all videos that are out i spent a good 5 hours watching and studying on the game which means i’ve been up all night so that hopefully later on i will get this game.

I don’t believe the cars will be ready for “normal players” for a while ~

Chicken is love. chicken is life.

Game looks amazing. Can’t wait until it will be released.