Another Fountain


I guess I should apologize to all Link fans:)

Makes me remember the forum fight we had with Ryu-Gi and the few Link fans sometime ago.

Have a funny mate.

Yea. When I made that pic with Gordon kicking all those Links of the cliff:)

And I edited it :v: I wish I could find it…

Sweet Jesus I lold.][IMG]

I actually still have it:)

Tis funny because its true, and have a face with a tounge sticking out of it!

couldn’t help noticing the spelling error

Oh on the stone marble in the last pic. Damn:) Good eyes there.


Urge to post relevant picture rising…


That northern war god has chosen A Link hat and ears for the costume party. It was a huge success. Many laughed:)

Not really funny. And that typo is horrible, too.

No it is not a horrible typo. It is just a typo. And I did apologize to all you Link fans. Have some humor:)

It’s even a minor scene build with a custom build fountain and stone marble:cheers:

Even better than the other one.

I’m not a link fan, this comic is not funny, that’s all : |

Yes I think you are, or you wouldn’t be insisting you weren’t. BUT! Must I have thousands of fat unhealthy children if I am wrong:doh:

And Link fans the imaginary god forbid

Get ready to have a thousand of fat unhealthy children then.