''Another friday in Vladivostok''


Sexy pic!
He must have a shitload of airfilters.

Is this a Scenbuild? Can we see the oringinal If it’s ok?

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plus loads of invisible lamps thanks to the color tool.

This is neat man, Nice one.

I love the atmosphere, I also love how he’s so calm in the state of the situation.

Damn cool screenshot.

is cryostasis some video game? Btw love the atmosphere

Yes it is, if i remember right it was like a puzzle/adventure/horror game.

Nice work on the pic btw!

Very nice.

Russian soldier…US Army survival guide?

Nice pic, either way.

Know your kapitalist enemy, komrade!

Looks great. Enough said.

Not 100% accurate? Fuck this picture.

Nah, I like it. It has a believable sense on being alone.

The atmosphere is great. I can see a lot of work went into setting up the scene, nice job! Plus a very good choice of music.

Maybe he’s laughing at how bad it is :v: