Another Garry's Mod problem.

2 problems actually…

The main menu elements (Console and the sidemenu[SinglePlayer, Multiplayer, options ETC.) is sort of stuck on the front of my screen, if I try to open the server list it appears BEHIND those elements…
pictures explains:

  1. Whenever I try to join a server I download a ton of files (server files I guess) and whenever it’s done with that the server crash telling me that “hl2.exe has stopped working” shutting it down… unfortunately I couldn’t catch the error message sorry but I got this:

Had the same problem.
Really don’t know how I fixed. Ages ago.

:< Somebody gotta know how to fix this, I tried re-installing countless of times, restarting steam, computer… whatever.

Try to defragmante cache.

Crap i dont know how to do this in the “New Steam”

Just delete your garry’s mod folder, it should do a full reinstall.

Follow this. Right click Garrys Mod, click Properties and on the last tab theres a defragment cache button. Click on it and let it do the rest.

ok I’ll try it…

Or just close the windows.

What windows? You mean the serverlist? I can’t touch them…

Also the defragmentation did not help, still the same problems.

Told your I had tried reinstalling. Thanks for trying though :slight_smile:

You can’t touch them? Then I honestly have no clue. You tried reinstalling… I really don’t know.

I can’t touch the console/menu buttons/server list while joining, they are just there…

PC specs?

Wait, found a fix.

-dxlevel 90 in the command paramenter.