Another guy getting shot by S.A.S.

Oi. This is my first real pose, and i think the outcome was pretty good.
The only thing that really hates me, is the muzzleflash. I guess that’ll be alot’a practising.

Big images.

Not sure if 1440x900 is allowed to be img tagged.

C&C please :slight_smile:

Also i’d like to know, if anyone can tell me how to fingerpose. Thanks.

Use img tags.


Blood is to bright.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile: I even made it really dark, imo, but thanks .

Yeah they can be image tagged. Though people with screen revolutions below 1440 x 900 will see them cutting off the page… Mines 1680 x 945 so I can see them just fine.


late reply -_-

Hehe, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Blood is kinda bright, and use super DOF instead of Simple DOF

Okay, thanks. I was not sure if the Super DOF was stable enough to use it.

Muzzleflash looks cartoonish.

As for finger posing, it’s in the menu when you press Q.

Should look for something called “Finger Pose”

Use Super DoF, work on your posing. They look, odd.

Bullet wound for the guy getting shot would add a extra effect, as well the blood splatter is too… much. It’s too liquidy, there needs to be a bit more “puff” if you know what I mean.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Use no collide.

should have had one picture that included both of them

Blood is too bright and posing is pretty bad. Use finger posing and get some new skins and models, original Css models are pretty bad.

Rofl_copter, thanks, i didnt knew what it was called.
petfe, yes i know that, I just cleaned my gmod folder :slight_smile: