ANOTHER Headhack Request.


Maybe instead of requesting headhacks, maybe you should just learn how to.

I wrote both head hacking tutorials.
Head hacks aren’t that hard.

No offense, but those tutorials are somewhat vague about the editing of the QC file. I’ve tried it myself but always get lost on the qc part. Maybe I’m just a moron, but if you could go more in depth on it, it’d be greatly appreciated.

When writing the .QC, you use the one that the head originally came from, type in your hack’s .SMD where the .SMD is mentioned for the model and name the model to what you want it be called.

I didn’t really talk about much of .QC writing in that thread…
I should of done that…

Shit, I’ll go try that right now, thanks man.


Just so you know, life isn’t always fair; it’s called DIY for a reason… :eng101: