Another HFB Servers Thread.

I have been with HFB as one of their original customers from the Day Z days. They have usually been pretty good to me, but about 26 hours ago my server was nullrouted because of the DDOSing. That sucks, we live with it. I submitted a ticket and recieved no response for about 15 hours until I e-mailed Anthony. I received a canned copy paste response within the hour about nullroute:

So I responded asking for an ETA on lifting the Nullrouted ip…No response. So at the 24 hour time I made a new ticket because responding to your current ticket drops it to the bottom of their que.

So it sure looks canned. I dont believe there is any excuse for a server to be down more than 24 hours period. DDOS can be mitigated, and that is plenty of time to handle it. I usually have good stuff to say about HFB, but the non existent support has got to stop. Here is hoping they see this, and actually rectify the situation now.