Another http failed related question

Ive got a donating script from coderhire and i contacted the auther a month ago but got no reply back since.
So i thought maybe i ask the kind people of facepunch if they could help me.

I installed everythings work exep after paymant it writes to the database (i hope it created something) but never executes it on the server.
i checked everything twice for typo’s and everything is correct.

my gmod connects to the database.

This is the error what i think its to blame.

Aborting HTTP request because pResponse->BSetBodyData() failed (RecvHTTPResponseData)Aborting HTTP request because pResponse->BSetBodyData() failed (RecvHTTPResponseData)Nav File is wrong or something (4)

in the readme it says to see if it is connected to the database type a command i did it and got this

lua_run require("mysqloo")
> require("mysqloo")...

DonationSystem Logs:
Mon May  5 23:11:37 2014        Connected to database

And for the rest there are no errors what so ever so i am a bit confused and google isnt helping me also.

I dont know if it is relevant not to be spammy but this is the donating link for the donating system its on sandbox mode so you can donate only for testing !

The donating script is from DarkE



Making workshop gamemode available for client download
ConVarRef room_type doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Executing dedicated server config file server.cfg
Nav File is wrong or something (4)
Aborting HTTP request because pResponse->BSetBodyData() failed (RecvHTTPResponseData)Dropped FLYINGSEEKER100 from server (Disconnect by user.)
ServerLog: [DonationSystem] Connected to database
PointShop is on the latest version.
Writing cfg/banned_user.cfg.
Aborting HTTP request because pResponse->BSetBodyData() failed (RecvHTTPResponseData)Murder module update available
You are using version   0
The latest version is   2.1

I’m pretty sure that error just appears every now and then. At least I think that’s the error I see on a vanilla install.

Doesn’t seem to harm anything though.

But What can it be than

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure it’s part of Garry’s error checking or verification system or something, and for some reason the requests fail every now and again. It doesn’t harm anything, I get those every time I start up my server and I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.