Another idea to repair Decay...

Maybe an option in the repair bench could be had to repair an entire base (let say in the nearest cupboard range). I think it make sense to use the repair bench to repair… :wink:

If you have enough resources on you you can click a button that will repair an entire base at once… even inaccessible foundation that is the problem actually.

So abandoned structure will disappear, that’s why decay is for… and we can repair our base regularly without having to take to much time hammering each foundation.

What do you think?

Not a bad suggestion, actually.

Thing is now you have said it that HAS to come into the game for me. It just sounds spot on and relatively easy to put in game. Seem to tick all boxes and it does not end up being a chore.

Kudos man!

The time waster would be the replenishing of the base decay resources. Either way we’re banging away in the wilderness checking our backs at every opportunity.

I do not really have a lot of programming skill but I think it should be something not to complicate to do…
Was I’m right or… :tinfoil:

I like it. Great idea.


not bad. i’d personally tie the range to the repair bench not a cupboard nearby, but it might be a way to simplify repairs, and give a relevant advantage to having a repair bench.

I suggested this a week ago, but with toolboxes and structures that keep track of decay damage to force players to hand repair player induced damage.