Another issue regarding cheaters / script kiddies

Don’t know if this is a new thing or not and don’t really know how to combat it.

Again, I don’t know the numbers or stats but it just feels like the last couple wipes have been higher than usual in the cheating department.

I say that for a few reasons. Have spent most of my time the last couple wipes on the Toronto Facepunch server and overall quality of the server is exponentially worse during the last couple wipe cycles. This server went from running nicely with 200-300 players to decreasing player cap and running terribly. The lag is insane, maybe that has to do with new monuments, but I also feel there are outside influences as other servers with more people run way smoother.

That is all besides the point, the main issue is that there are known cheaters who do not appear in the player list and I can’t even find their Steam profile to report.

There have been multiple issues of this. They blatantly cheat, even sometimes bragging in chat about it, and have been called out by numerous people. But yet do not appear in the player list or have an actual Steam profile, even when searching through Steam for the user name that they have in game.

One example is that a guy killed a member in our clan, who while dying saw the guy speed hack away, we search player list, nothing, I search Steam, again nothing. Then he proceeds to talk about it in chat and going around doing it to others all the while with the same name that is not able to be reported none the less even find the guy via Steam.

I can think off the top of my head of at least 3 separate instances with 3 separate players. There’s a good chance it’s probably even happened more than that.

Just wanted to point this out as I truly am unsure if this is a known issue or even something that will ever be looked into.

Rust is a great game, I hope to see it succeed but I’m probably going to be taking a break from it as I do not want to cheat in a game and never have / never will. I feel it’s a bit out of control at the moment.


High levels of cheater activity always precede a ban wave.

Move on to a community server with an active admin. Until Facepunch figure out what they look to achieve with the official servers, I wouldn’t play there.