Another L4D2 survivors reskin...

Hello there !

I decided to do a reskin of the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors :





Hope you like it :wink:
Please, rate and comment.

Now available.

next time when you use my devil nick as base, don’t forget to change rings and buttons :cop:
other then that, good quality reskins i must say.

Oh that Daft Punk t-shirt~

Not bad

It says fucking DaftPunk on Rochelle!

I love you.

‘Nice floral shirt ya got there Nick’

‘You know Ellis, I ate a horse once. MY GOD, it tasted nice. I might have another!’


So it was ROCHELLE who killed Zoey!! BTW nice skins. Hope you post em on or fpsbanana soon.

The reskin is pretty good.

I really like the Daft Punk shirt :smiley:

Done :wink:

Link in the 1st post.

Can someone tell me how to apply these to Left 4 Dead 2?
I really really really want to give Rochelle that Daft Punk t-shirt!

Sorry, these skins are a lie in that they suggest Daft Punk can replace Depeche Mode. Very well-made otherwise. Rochelle’s shirt looks a little clean though, perhaps.

So that Rochelle skin can’t be used in L4D2?

It can, I think. What makes you think that it can’t?

That floral shirt Nick skin looks good.

Can someone tell me how to get these skins to work in L4D2?

Someone please answer my question :frowning:

im no expert at this stuff at all but you could try extracting it to a materials folder

I just noticed Rochelle’s lips are big ohhohoho Valve :cop:

So, will these work for Left 4 Dead 2? And if so, how?
inb4 asking same questions 10 times