Another lost soul

That blood seems out of place

Not sure if the hand holding the stag up looks right.
Snow edit could use more depth imo, but overall, not bad.

I think you need to improve on the blood effect, but the rest looks great.
Music adds a lot to it, too.
Well done!

It looks like his hand is clipping a bit, and he must be pretty strong to lift up it’s head that high with only one hand. Blood could be better. Sad song is sad though.

Blood could change a bit, it looks more like red spray than… Blood… Anyways, looks pretty good man.

I can’t edit the thread anymore so here’s another version.

i feel like the faceposing might be a little strong/unnatural, and it’s sorta unclear what’s happening in the picture

other than that it looks pretty good

It’s the brightness of the blood which is why it stands out.
Since the stags face is darker and stong light isn’t being cast on it,
you should try edit the blood a bit darker to match the current lighting.