Another map builder wanted

Requesting to hire a map builder to build a complete map from scratch. Will be payed $$$. But i do want someone who has had alot of experience at building maps and loves to put a decent amount of time into them :slight_smile:

some idea of what you will be doing.
*a rather medium-large map
*Garry's mod RP based map
*Good with lighting and mainly has a good imagination xD
*All i will be giving you is the basic layout, (pretty much a paint design of basics and you build from it adding what you like to make it one EPIC map)
*Will contain small town, caves, cliffs, water and so forth

I know this is a big idea and so forth but last person who was doing it had some personal issues and isn't available to continue :(

i DO NOT want people braging and complaining over this forum like my last! if you're interested, let me know simple. But keep in mind, if you're good at map building and you KNOW you can help me out, well please... go ahead.

Please email me what you have done can do, well whatever you have done. I'f i like what i see i will contact you.
Like i said it is a big job so if your able to finish it within say at LEAST less than 5 months well that would be good, i want you to take it serious because im not wasting my money for nothing. All i am is a client trying to supply to people's domands from where im from.

any more info please ask. And thanks again for your interest :)

My details
name-Brent Gillin

Steam- breno_16

This should be in the requests section.

How much cash are you willing to pay?

Three dollars: $$$ :v:


Do you have a map layout that you could show us? So we can get a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

Dolla dolla bills yalll

lol, price im willing to pay was $50… And yes i have the VERY basics sketch of the map. But at the minute i’ve been busy with a few things so i’ll have to get around to the people who are interested. Like i said if you are, and your decent at map making n such, please email me

I don’t think many people here will bother to do it for $50.

Considering the size/detail the OP wants, and the 5 month deadline, I’d have to agree.

add another zero to it, that sounds about right.

And one more zero and multiply it with 5.

$2500? That seems a bit overkill.

Why are you trying to multiply 0?

lol yea we’d still have just one more 0

well the last 2 guys i was talking to were happy with 50. the deadline is anywhere up to a year… im in no rush. And because i dont do maps i have no idea what you guys would charge, but i know some of you would be seedy as and ask for an over price :stuck_out_tongue: like that guy up there somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: but yea im sure i can work something out.

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and im not paying 500 for a f***ing map

Haha “Map Builder”

The last two guys you spoke to probably were terrible at mapping and saw it as a way to make some fast money, if you’re not willing to pay somebody a decent sum of money for all of their time put into the map then I’m afraid you are going to get a terribly made map.

5K per month :v:

don’t worry guys. Found a decent guy, paying more obviously.