Another MW2 CSS Pack

Sup Guys, I am bringing to you another Modern Warefare 2 gift for CSS, that I really cannot take credit for…
The real credit goes to Smoky and his team of modelers, for their Russian Paratroops T team.
And mhmpredaaator for his Army Rangers and Shadow Company CT teams.
AND sa2fan - he had the original idea for this, and he is super-cool for that.
All I did was move some textures and model paths around.
(Sorry for the big pictures)

Hope you guys enjoy, I know I am.

^Download and install the original pack first

Brown/Green Russian Paratroop texture.

Nice edit :smiley: and good lucking screenshots. Not like someone that only comes to troll around my thread.

smoki’s better

Nice work, -sniped part-

So what did you do exactly?

reading 101

Credit to sa2fan also, he had the original idea for this. So he is awesome.

So all he did was move the files around? And that was worthy of a release?
What exactly did he do? If he just moved around files it’s not worth of a release, is it?

It’s still release, I’d like to see you do better.

Stop shitting on this thread.

I like that Ranger body with Shadow Co. head. It looks like Corporal Dunn with a mask. :smiley:

Awesome first release. Also I’m posting a video of my complication pack soon.

Actually, it’s a Shadow Company body and head, with ranger textures. LOL. I did the same thing to replace Ghost.


Cool, and you said you got MW2 music too? If so do you know how to get sounds, like for a radio pack?

Well, the Rangers and Shadow Co. do use the same body mesh. xD So, yeah, my bad…

It’s kinda funny, the riot soldiers use the same body mesh also, It creates some very interesting looking camouflage patters.

Yeah, I’m still trying to edit it more to have it stand out more from the other packs. I’ll hopefully have a small update for the T’s this weekend, I’m setting them all to the brown/green texture instead of the autumn camouflage pattern the regular Russian paratroops have.

Lionpancer, yes. I’m using the music for the ROUND START and END ROUND and etc.

Also I can probably look for some radio sounds.

It would be awesome if someone made them yell stuff like “BAMBI” “SEMTEX” “YOURMUDA!”
Ima look into that… :3

“TANGO SUCKA!” would also be nice. xD

Added another Texture.

Oh yeah, cause I have to do better to make sense. Seriously, stop making shit comebacks. “BET U CULDNT DU BETTR!!! eleven 1111!!! 21”

Seriously dude, you do not need to do better to have an opinion. Anyways, if he just redirected the files, there’s nothing different so what’s worth the release?

Alright, Thank you Puncher. You have made your point.