Another new Rust hack again!

Well… this stupid hackers never quit! Now that Artifical Aiming released a new function, learn all blueprints and crafts automatically! Come on DEVs you have to control this!!!

The new anti-cheat will be out soon, so that will slow them down.

I am curious as to how you found out about this? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d suggest removing this poor attempt at advertising, as above, posting on the forums is going to get you nowhere for reporting cheaters or even the people that are making them.

Based on your last thread its so fucking obvious you work for AA

Ok mr Hacker have fun

I just did some searching on the public side of so called OP’s cheatsite.
I found this.

Even the cheaters don’t like him. :v:
My appologies for linking the page, but the need to inform people here outweighs my moral viewpoint on not posing a link.

Feel free to punish me tho.

wow aimbot speed hack and supper speed killed me just this arvo rage

You are a terrible person.

Where are the mods to delete this obvious spam attempt.

Explains a lot :wink: