Another new server

A new upstarting server,, join now

Have you been a victim as i have, Are you tired of admins ruining the game for you?

Im sure you have been the victim of admin abuse, or admin favoritism join this server where these things do not happen.

Basic, fair, fun, play the game the way its meant to be played.

Great ping for north america, great ping for people in canada best for people in ontario

need more people join up now!

Yes more players are needed. Its going to be a very fair server. Its more or less going to be the basic game with a few harmless mods. Admins are always open to tweak if enough reg players are asking for something. Drops will happen prob every hr,more if lots of players are on. Its really going to be a fair server to play on. No bs or drama. No cheaters period. Come play and see.

Fun times! some PVP, some friendly,
Vanilla Type server
No admin abuse

Gaining popularity ! Come join now

PVP for PVPers