Another noob question about sv_downloadurl

so when my friend tries to join my server they are presented with this lovely error

HTTP ERROR downloading http://[redacted].com/maps/bhop_badges.bsp.bz2
Your map [maps/bhop_badges.bsp] differs from the server's.

I’ve had him clean out any bhop maps from his downloaded maps and his local maps but it still doesn’t seem to help him. Is this a problem on my side or his and how can it be resolved?
I’m a huge noob when it comes to the networking aspect of these servers but I’m really trying to learn with my bhop project. Sorry for the dumb question

The issue is on the download server. Copy and paste the URL from the HTTP error into your browser and see if it works.

I can download any file just fine from the apache file server on the site it all seems to be functional

They aren’t bzipped. They need to be in .bz2 format

When I had them in bz2 format on the server they wouldn’t download. As is it downloads currently for some people but some people can’t

Upload non bzipped files to the server and bzipped files to the webserver.

Aeternal is correct; otherwise the clients will download .bz2.bz2 files ( or it’ll appear that way ).

This guide covers trouble-shooting ( everything I’ve seen / heard / been asked by people ):