Another of them Rust Icons

I’ve been hooked on Rust since I discovered it, and can’t wait until it’s out so I can get my hands on it, and I decided to take a spin at an icon for Rust. I don’t know wether Rust will be standalone, but I decided to make one regardless (or just make a shortcut to the site using this icon).

Some thoughts that went trough when making this icon;

  • Rust is the name, therefore rust of course.
  • The mood of the icon is important to reenact the game.

This is the first stage of the icon, and it might change depending on what you guys wan’t to see changing - so it’s very important you give your honest thoughts about the logo and tell me what is good about it, and what could be changed or completely destroyed to ashes.

UPDATE: Icon available for download

I finally composed the icon into real icon filetypes (ICO & ICNS). For more information, and how to use read the README file inside the archive.

Grab the icon file here! (ZIP archive)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Looks good :slight_smile:

Looks nice but get rid of the shadow.

Thank you! The shadow is not apart of the icon itself it’s only for the preview to give it a ground.

Looks sweet man :slight_smile:

Update: Added icon files so you can get it on your bookmark. Pimp your Rust!

Here is my icon

You can grab it here

Please do not post your icons in this thread. This thread is only made for this one icon, please respect that.

Sorry i didnt know

The one with a hatchets looks nice.

I like the hatch one aswell

I like it(the OP’s one), its clean and just plain awesome.