Another Patch!

Hello everyone! We just released a patch addressing some bugs as well as adding a much requested community feature, Official Servers tab!

Check it out here :


p.s. Post any new issues you may find here!

Awesome, good patch before the early release.

thank you for all your hard works

Only Dev version? My Game isnt updating (Normal Steam version)

That really was you? My bad, haha awesome man thanks.

The comments on that post are just great;

After the patch my legs keep breaking and killing me instantly while collecting resources or doing nothing.

Airplane is not dropping supplies in Resource Valley.

Here’s a thought:

Instead of the weapons looking like they were made professionally, instead of crafted, maybe you can add different textures and features to weapons/items? To give it that “Rust” feel and effect.

Also, I’ve heard people saying that the head bob is quite annoying, makes then feel dizzy etc, maybe a command to disable it console?


this is the only game I’ve ever played that gives me nausea. Please add a command or setting to either reduce or disable the headbob effect.


Are you sure you aren’t crazy? I’ve never had headbobbing and i don’t have it now!

Please add windows, I have fucked up my house now because you can’t place doors in windows any more.

It is there, next time you play, watch the screen wobble slightly.

out of extreme fear of the most horrible (aside from motion blur) graphical option in the universe, i did in fact log in and check and i noticed nothing at all :confused:

Still awaiting a fix for the skybox bugging out for those of us using launch parameters to gain playable framerates. This is the only true show-stopping bug for Rust if you ask me.

Can’t understand how you cannot see it, it does’t affect my gameplay but it certainly is there.

So are you going to be adding more Official Servers (Whats the max player capacity?) or just have the three? Are we going to be able to try to apply to get our servers on the list? More details would be nice. Thanks.

you know whats funny, in the 5000 times prior that someone has said ‘have you updated your graphics drivers?’, doing so did absolutely nothing.

but i had unplayable lag and had to use those launch parameters and get the crazy glitchbomb blur sky, and then i updated my video drivers AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED! now i get good frames in regular mode.

i guess the moral of the story is that by chance, semi-recently, amd updated drivers to suck a bit less with rust, so there might be hope for you

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can you fraps it or something, i know i can do nothing to help you but i notice no difference from before the patch and have never noticed any headbobbing, when i move around its like a bullet!

Love you guys :D. Now I can get on good servers and play smoothly !

so, I had a spiked wall with gateways interjecting, at intervals for different people, someone destroyed the spike wall, and i can no longer place on inbetween? It’s not really a bug, but i’d like to replace it with having to use c4, on the gateways.