another post by me :/ need to find some thing out

sup guys

i been looking for a weather mod for my server and i have found weather mod v1 but im woundering if you can make it so it will change weather at a random time then will change back to sunny.

any help?? thank you

Look at the top of this webpage, click “LUA Scripting” (Even though LUA isn’t an abbreviation. Retards.) And look on the first page. There is a weather mod topic which has a working script thingamajig.

That was a great job reading the OP!

Weathers = {
function WeatherChange()
local randw = math.random(1, #Weathers)
if( GetGlobalString(“weather”) == “sunny” ) then
SetGlobalString(“weather”, Weathers[randw])
SetGlobalString(“weather”, “sunny”)
timer.Create(“randweath”, 600, 0, WeatherChange)

If the weather is sunny it changes to a random weather…
If the weather is not sunny it will change back to sunny… All changes are 10mins apart.