another PVP Server, The Isle #515

RUST - ISLE #515 PVP Server, Survive if you can.

The servers runs Oxide and all the latest useful plugins, this isn’t a Server for carebears pve men, there is only one rule and it’s simple: Try to survive. (no KoS anyway)
This doesn’t mean you will have to follow a guy with a rock… with a rock, around a rock but you should keep your eyes open, especially at night. This is a Survival game and life is hard and stiff, we keep it real. Also sleep is on.
This is the list of plugins currently installed:

Groups plugin will be added when the isle gets populated, factions will be encouraged.

The server is for every European player therefore, the only language allowed is English. No russian, no german, no klingons. English or goodbye horses.

Join the Isle.

we are testing the stability of the mods and we will remove some since they have some problems.