Another Q menu problem

I was on my friend’s build server a couple of days ago and I quickly discovered a problem. The right half (or about that size) of my screen was covered in the q menu without me opening it. Then I got an error. I copied it to him and he said that it was most likely this part of the error that was the problem.

(lua_temp\includes\extensions\vgui_sciptedpanels.lua:166: vgui.Create: Error when calling ‘PANELTABLE’:Init (lua_temp\freefall\metalib_120.lua:11: Infinite Loop Detected!)

I would go and take a looksy in that folder but it appears that Lua_temp doesn’t exist. Pardon me if I look like a dumb ass. Feel free to insult me if I did something wrong.


This hasn’t happened during sp or any other server.

Now that is weird, because lua_temp (when it’s there) only is a placeholder for completely blank lua files. Why an error would point there, I am unsure. Tell the server owner to check the servers’ lua_temp if it has one.

Thanks, he’s really trying to convince me it’s all my problem haha.


he’s taking a look now though.


Ah, it doesn’t have one.

Well, I guess what you could do on your end is go to the cache folder and delete all the files within that.

Masked LUA Virus. Above user contains package of fix. :rolleye:

Okay, I’ll do that then. Thank you guys. You always come in handy.


Didn’t work.

It seems this error has somthing do with it i check the orignal file my self and it is was controls the menu check your addons or files for something?

I don’t know which addon it would be.