Another question for you guys[IDEAS]

I recently started working on a military RP type gamemode, notice how I said ‘type’ because it keeps heading off in other directions every time I add large features to it. Now what I wanted to ask you guys is for some ideas on what to add. I’ve already added:
-A custom swep base(with a jamming system. With the RPG if it’s damage is full it’ll backfire on you :3)
-An Airstrike system(Requires you to have the ‘air controller’ swep to use)
-Transport vehicles
-Airdrop system(Not near finished though :v
The gamemode does NOT have a HUD and I don’t think it will but you guys just gimmie ideas and I’ll probably do it.
For specifics I’d like ideas for this:
etc, thanks for yer time :smiley: