~Another raid story~

A story about a raid, (and I hope they frequent these forums, so I can talk about their asses personally)
We were being raided. The entire time, the attackers were talking about destroying the entire building, and running us off the server. We had nothing of note in the structure, and even told them as much before they started. Nontheless, they proceed with the raid.
We fight as much as able through the windows, and they wind up spending numerous resources, (foundations, stairs, pillars, etc) and 8 c4 to get in. They burst into false rooms, and fell into my pit-traps, and were extremely frustrated by the final metal door standing between them and us.
The leader asks us to open the door, and 1v1. I do so, and lose.
After respawning, I return to the building to find the group of them inside putting up walls in the hallways, and destroying the stairs to cap them with ceilings. I snuck up, and shut the door behind them.
Almost immediately, the chat fills up with them crying for an admin.
“We’re locked in.”
“He’s not allowed to lock the door.”
“Admin! Get us out!”
“He’s griefing.”
“We’re being trolled.”
They had to expend another 2 c4 to escape - bringing their grand total to 10 c4 for 17 low quality metal, 1 mp5, and a couple pipe shotguns.

My question after this story…
How the hell was I the one griefing them???


I see you meet the playerbase

let me intruduce you to the cheaters and trolls over there also…

Sadly this game at the momment is ALL about trolling and it brings out the worst from players…

Too many kids in Rust

Amusing! Almost as good as fighting them off and winning. lol

That was so much better then beating them in a gunfight. Beating them phsycologically was even sweeter. Good job mate. Maybe those idiots will not come back to raid you again.

Great story. I definitely dont think its exploitation. The world is a free for all, if you can kill people and take their stuff you can definitely lock the dummy in your place if they miss a locked door haha.