Another request for Garry

Stop upgrading Garrysmod with upgrades that do 4 times more harm then good. I hate to call the upgrades shitty, but they ARE kinda pointless. I’m a fellow server owner, and I admit that I can’t fit into the advanced lua coders section of this website, so please don’t spam me with “Garry added this, Garry added that”. The updates break Darkrp constantly, break SWEPS constantly and I’m about to go fucking batshit insane from the breakage. Not all server owners know advanced lua and keep up with every fucking update garry releases every week.

Rcon exploits exist, vanilla toolgun crashing still exists and freezing the server up with rope/elastics still exist.

Once again, I’m not a lua coder so don’t get on my dick with the “well fix it yourself”. I DONT KNOW HOW.

I would ask, but people would give me snippets of code I have no clue as to where to put, and when I request a “rope constraint checker” or “Hydraulic spam preventer” addon. No one gives a shit about me and I don’t blame them. Learning lua’s a pain in the ass

Main point being, fix the old stuff, stop adding new stuff that break the old stuff.

(Am I getting banned for this?)

Fixing old stuff requires adding new stuff. You are not getting banned, you are just dumb in my opinion, sorry but the words Dark RP skyrocketed my hostility level.

And nothing of value is lost.

Ignore this. Put in my own suggestion post.

Yeah, how dares Garry to update his game and add new things for free, what a terrible person is he

If there are any exploits you, or anyone else, knows, you should email garry about it where you tell him what exactly the exploit is and how to perform it. He actually does read his email, but will probably ignore you if you mail him something stupid like this thread.
His email address is

Garry is more careful with updates. Before he releases an update, certain users can test the update to see whether it works with most mods and addons.

Unlike what people seem to think, Garry is not able to test with every single little 3rd party addon somebodies cousin wrote for them to use on their server, updates will break stuff , more often the rarer stuff, but sometimes a more popular addon