Another Secret Temple

100% scene build using mostly Skyrim and Fallout props on flatgrass night. Post edit in Gimp.

It’s another ‘pose with ladies in skimpy clothing’ by Rastifan, not surprising at all.

Not a fan of the ladies are we? But seriously, what is wrong with a hot ass against a magical background? It’s not like this section is over run with such themes is it?

By ‘such themes’, you mean same generic military pose? You’re the one to talk with your lesbians, scantily-clad ladies and sex jokes.

I heard that excuse a thousand times already.

Which I seldom post here. And yes. Generic military poses has plagued this section of late. Some decent enough, but just not interesting. But that’s me.

this doesn’t make any sense, Elves keep themselves to themselves, so why would she be going into a temple? Another thing is that she has no clothes, how would skimpy metallic bra and panties help her magicka? another thing also is

why are you posting these here, they’re just “hehe guys look another skimpy girl”

just my opinion lol

i don’t even really get how you could find these models attractive in any way, they’re all homogenized and identical to each other. it’s creepy

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i mean the same thing applies to a lot of models but i’m not supposed to masturbate to most of those

I bet this is a first panel to a comic on digitalero by rastifan.

Because it’s not even hot. You gotta put a stroke of elegance into them, a tinge of life. This just feels static and trying too hard to be sexy.

Knowing the guy’s mind he probably does put a stroke into it

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It is a fantasy pose. Is not supposed to make sense.

Even fantasy needs some sense. That temple is fully lighted, the flora surrounding her is healthy and the structure itself doesn’t hint at any hazard and in fact, has no signs of decay at all. Tell me, why would a powerful elf (who apparently doesn’t even need armour), stand so cautiously before entering such a non-scary place?

Sorry to disappoint. A round flawless ass is not for you I understand.

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No they don’t. Hence the word fantasy.

I like flawless asses, but you’ve just handed it to me straight up without any prelude or tease whatsoever. Even if there wasn’t that stupid looking underwear, she isn’t even in a somewhat erotic pose. It’s as boring as that five minute porn where everyone is already naked and busy when the video starts.

You seriosuly need to sop killing the highligts and darks. Again we are looking at gray lights and gray shadows and a super flat picture overall.

all this talk of elves and “perfect asses” is getting a bit too naff for my taste

THANK YOU. Finally a comment on the actual pose. Yes the entrance was a tad highlighted. I got carried away in the heat of things.

Though I can’t see how it is flat. But anyway, Thanks for the input.

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Wow ok… But it is kind of hard to tease with a single pose you know.

You can’t enjoy/understand fantasy unless it has at least some basis in reality. The most common way this connection is achieved is by taking basic human ideas and twisting them. You know why 90% of aliens in fiction have limbs, mouths and some form of verbal communication? Because it makes understand it and it makes sense to us. And have you ever read up mythological creatures? They’re all wacky creatures based upon real ones. Dragons are fantasy lizards, the Kraken is a fantasy squid, Cerberus is a fantasy dog, Jörmungandr is a fantasy snake and so forth. The reason they are so popular is because it is an interesting take on creatures we are already familiar with. That’s why fantasy needs basis in reality.


Cover her up so more is left to the imagination. That’s how you tease.

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Dammit, all these little formatting mistakes and it doesn’t want me to edit for some reason.

Are all those lights literally just light bulbs you chose to keep visible like that? I don’t have much problem with highlighting the entrance but I do have a problem with arbitrarily visible light bulbs.

Considering all these off-topic posts about your love for ass, while I understand it definitely detracts from the pose overall, it always feels like you guys are just attacking him because he has a known tendency to pose just ‘ass-on-“pretty”-background’ poses. Anyways, I may just be reading the mood wrong. Next time, especially if you’re going to present one or two of however many poses you do, try and focus on the scenebuild aspect. Get a good angle on that, keep that as the focus unless you want detractors to start going off on all the TnA you always end up posting.