Another server dead, when will they fix the foundations?

3rd community server I’ve been on with this issue…

…10-20 people online, things going just fine… a few people start having the issue where you can’t place foundations…and boom. within 3-4 days its a dead server.

Third time this has happened to me… when will they fix this?

All servers have this issue.

I’m sure it will be patched soon, I doubt anyone has any more specific information than that.

This bug only occurs if the server stays online constantly. Server owners need to restart their server(s) often. My server runs Steam Update daily, which automatically restarts the server. Make sure to tell your server admins that restarts are required.

Why not set up scheduled restarts?

My server saves all data at 11:59AM and 11:59PM (to prevent rollbacks) and then automatically restarts at 12:00AM and 12:00PM.

This will help stop the foundation issue a little until it is fixed.