Another Shity Combine Model

A Combine Elite Wounded(or Warzone Combine)

My first old crap remplacement model for HL2DM.
Never released to public(until) now for you, in Gmod, and it’s HEXED!!!

If u want to put in some NPCs pack just do it…

Also it have 2 additionals skins(plus the 2 u can see in the screenshots) that can be changed to whatever u want, find they in the materials folder, the ones called _CUSTOM, change de LUA(just delete the //) and they will apear in your gmod.


Sorry for my crapy English…

by Iñaki.

That’s actually pretty cool.

That second one is pretty badass. Nice job. The exposed arm is an especially nice touch.

Not bad at all, great job :D.

Any chance you could rerelease it without the grenades and things on it? Just to make it a bit more customisable in poses? Other than that I think it looks great.

I don’t like the exposed arm. That should have some cuts or wounds.

Would be better in my opinion.

it would be even better if the exposed arms had light armor, or shoulder pads.

Great, i just love feedback… i will work it on. keep close ¬¬


Burn it with fire. Now.


Added part of the armor to the exposed arm.

Added 3 variants of the model. 1 without changes(like the regular elite) exept the skin, 2 the same but with ammo, 3 the one with the exposed arm, and 4 the one with the exposed arm and ammo.

If u want to change the model of the NPCs just change the LUA.

Should skin him a strap around his chest that holds the grenades. :o

You should do arms for metrocops too, that would be awesome.

Can you release one with no grenades, but no pads on the arms either?

Can you also do one without the RPG’s on his back?

Very nice. I will make good use of these.


Can you upload them to somewhere else? tried redownloading them and it’s downloading for at 8.2kbps!


Just went down to 0.8. Huzzah!


very nice, like the big area of the helmet missing, dl them now :]


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