Another sniping german

C&C ;D

And i know that his hands are way off… couldnt fix it :confused:

Let us commence a journey into the much travelled topic of another sniping german.

Oh germans, you so crazy! Always snipin around and shit!

He might hit his target if he was actually holding the gun.

I KNOW his hands are screwed up :frowning:
Can’t anyone link me some fingerposable models :j?

… Day of Defeat models are fingerposable. Actually it looks like you didn’t use no-collide to me.

Really? I thought i had checked them… thanks.
I did use nocollide :b

the far hand isnt grasping the gun

You silly fools, he is clearly a Jedi! His hands are levitating the rifle with such precision.

looks like he don’t want to touch the gun too much…