Another Stalker Creeping through the interior of a old gym

lots of editing went into this.





If you think not a lot went into this… die.:banjo:

You can spend hours, days or months editing a picture. Only the result counts.

I think it looks really good… Pallet for you.

Looks good, only thing I can say is make it look like he is sneaking more, like crouching lower to the ground.

This is true. I just stated that some work went into this, not just a cut and paste.

Looks good - I like the shading. I don’t like how he’s looking at the camera though.

I think it was a glimpse or something before he went into sneaking mode :buddy:

Goddamn, everyone loves my fucking model. :byodood:

It’s a damn good model. Though the tape on the arms/legs is a flipping shitter.

Yeah Ddok messed up a little :c.

another fucking copy pasted background. very fucking great

Cry a fucking river.

Uberslug has been doing it for a long time, so have I, and others.

Not really. Some people, like you and Uber, do it once in a blue moon. Now there must be 3 or 4 on the front page.

What I like about the picture is the colour you’ve paid attention to. They are pretty the same.

Still, we have been doing it for awhile. Which is a valid point.

pMnky started it :x

Damn you pMnky!

It’s a new fad which will last a couple of days, then it’ll back to good old shitty generic images :buddy:

Very nice.

Someone called me? :3

Very nice. I like your avatar too.