(Another) Suggestion Thread!

Hi Facepunch!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my post. Suggestion threads seem pretty common place and while I love reading them, they get old quick as people tend to repeat themselves. That said, no doubt some of my ideas will not be my own, but some that I’ve really liked, therefore I’ll most likely be contradicting myself… Anyway… I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

First I think it’s important to consider the path or order the developers should take when adding new things. For example, at the moment they’re focusing on reaching ‘Baseline’, that is to say, to get the game to the same playable stage that Legacy is at currently. Post Baseline will be the most exciting time, because instead of trying to remake what’s already been done, they’ll be getting to experiment with new things! I’m so excited for post-Baseline!!

The first thing I would love to see post baseline is dynamic weather and temperature. This can be broke down into a few items;

Rain. Oh my god, please give us rain. The comforting pitter patter of drops on my tin roof while I sit by the fire. Having to stay dry to prevent sickness or death from cold. Using the rain as cover from sight and sound to go on raids or attack players or animals. Using a rain catching system to collect water (in the event that thirst is added as a mechanic). Using thunder crashes to mask the muzzle flash and gun sounds when firing. Aiding the growth of vegetables/plants (in the event gardening is added as a mechanic). The gameplay possibilities are endlessly enjoyable. I feel this is a relatively easy mechanic to add and balance or would create a more immersive game world.

On the flip side of that, misty mornings obscuring view for a short while. Heat waves causing thirst to drop rapidly and slowing sprint speed, the snow biome would be unaffected by heatwaves (obviously). Windy days, also more wind at height. This could be an audible and small visual effect with not gameplay mechanic (purely for immersion). Wind may be a difficult mechanic since I think there aren’t physics on items that can depict a breeze.

In saying that, body temperature and dampness should be added as they’re crucial for survival.

Second, more animals. Especially animals specific to each biome. Different animals mean more/different threats and greater possibilities for food. Birds would be great, think eggs for eating, feathers for arrows, birds for meat! Not only that, different bird calls for each biome would create an amazing ambience. I’ve seen some amazing ideas for animals; crocodiles, birds, monkeys, snakes etc. Fish! These would take some time to implement and balance, but in my opinion, well worth the effort.

Third, travel. A very commonly requested item are bikes! Great idea, and I second it. Or one-hundred and fifty-second it. Whatever. No cars. Cars would be difficult to create and implement and even harder to balance. At the very most I would like to see small capacity motorbikes for the fastest travel. One idea to balance these is the fact you can be heard from a good distance and could be shot off the bike and have it stolen. I do NOT like the idea of horses, I don’t know why since they’re very useful animals. Transport… Food… Maybe I’d warm to them…

Fourth, weapons. With regards to military grade weapons and ammunition, I think balancing these items in game is extremely easy! They should lootable only and uncraftable. They should have better accuracy and lower recoil that low quality weapons, but only have slightly higher damage. That way player skill still plays a big part in gun fights. Also, I love the steep learning curve for weapons. I like medieval inspired homemade weapons, but not swords.

Fifth, fishing. Fishing in WoW used to be so relaxing, until good graphics spoilt the experience. Fishing would be extremely easy to implement and require no balancing. You can create all types and breeds of fish (maybe even some poisonous/inedible?) which would be fun. Also fishing up other partially useful items would be really useful and exciting. Crafting better and better fishing poles/lures would be cool too. Just watch out for the Newman behind you with a rock, he looks aggressive…

I think I’ll come back to this post with more ideas. Again, I’d love to hear what you think of mine!