Another "sv_downloadurl" thread.

Hey guys, this is just a quick question. I have the basic understanding of sv_downloadurl and I understand where other people have gone wrong and how to better set up my fast download server.

However, is it at all possible to ONLY use the fast download server for the downloading of maps and models… and keep the addons, LUAs and gamemode stuff on the game server?

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

I highly doubt this.

Nope. They all have to be on the FastDL for the player to donwload them.

Well that’s unfortunate.

What’s the best way to go about doing a fast download server, then, if I want to retain the following information:

  • DarkRP default gamemode
  • Addons such as ULX, PHX and wiremod
  • Advanced dupes, and allowing people to upload their dupe to the server

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You don’t need to upload the gamemode.
Just addons/maps/sounds/dua/materials/models/data(Optional).

Great! I can literally copy the whole folders (addons, models, etc) from my game server to the web space, and they’ll download correctly?

If you got the sv_downloadurl and directories set up correctly, yes

When the domain is all set up, the directories will be set up like this: (subdomains like ‘addons’)

So I won’t have to reconfigure anything, as long as the directory setup is the same between the game server and the download server?

Thanks for all the advice so far, just want to make sure I have a smooth transition. :slight_smile:

Put this in your server.cfg:

sv_downloadurl ""

And then just copy these folders to

Alrighty, set everything up as normal, it works great, however…

A bunch of people just joined my server, and all of them timed out. They claim they crashed as soon as they spawned, but after that they could join and it was fine. This can’t be coincidence. What the deuce is goin’ on? :c is the IP if you guys want to try it, but as far as I know everything is set up correctly. Directories are in the right place, so uhh… yeah, I’m stumped.