Another Swep Request Thread

Ok… im bored, i aint got work to do. So gimme some work if you want ^^

I just want to lay down a couple of “rules” or guides that i would like to go by.

  1. Swep from other mods EG:ZPS is a go ahead and is very encouraged.
  2. You can ask for me to update my old work.
  3. You CANNOT ask me to release work in my trailers “on youtube”.

We have a subforum for this.

If your talking about the Requests section that is the place for pepole to MAKE requests, not take them.

yeah but won’t the thread be mainly MAKING them?

One person offering to take requests is much less efficient than asking the entire developer community. I don’t recall you having any notable contributions either.


This is a show of poor workmanship, and only contributes to the number of poorly coded, cheap/worthless addons within the game. On contrast, it’s also highly discouraged by fellow developers.

Depends on what type of animations are in the models. And the special ability i decide to add to it, All my work has special abilitys. And to be honest, Agreeing with YOURSELF isnt exactly something you should do. Another note is, Why have a go at me when im just laying out some suggestions? Just because im in the wrong place. or in the wrong area to “you” doesnt mean you need to give me shit about this…

If a mod is here can you please remove this thread due to people not understanding how kind some other people can be :confused:

Post your stupid, Make my graphics card better with lua or Make me an ak-47 that shoots babys requests here. Im just trying to follow face punch rules… :confused:

You know its like going around and killing all those people with serious cancer because they cannot be cured, and then people start flaming you. And you just say: “People don’t understand how kind I was!”

Im not saying that, Im saying im trying to be kind by allowing people to express there requests… Ok ok ok… Enough with this “make me feel bad crap”

Anyone got any requests?

Make me a baby that shoots AK47s.

And Andrew, you’re saying making SWEPs from another game’s content is bad but didn’t you do the same with both HL2 and CSS sweps? :wink:
I don’t think there really is a problem with that.

Lol… Rainbow babys? :3:

Do you do STools too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, i do not.

Okay how about a weapon which can instantly weld a city scanner to a prop with leftclick, and a turret with rightclick. Or, if you can get it working, replace the city scanners with ceiling scanners. I don’t know if you can weld those without parenting though :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a metal detector? Shame there is no good model though.

Well, seeing as I now have the opportunity to “officially” request this, a Spartan Laser script would be superb. I have someone working on a model, and it hopefully will be done in the next week or so.

Thanks again.


Lol, Feichs code seems to be perfect. You should just change the model.

It feels so much more personal when people call me by my name, regardless of my alias.

I hope you don’t regret your old self-bestowed title.

Just don’t, please.


Posting in the request subforum the process in which this is suppose to be done, not wait for someone to come around and ask if anyone wants something scripted. You don’t have to wait for Wizey! to log in, and then ask him personally. Just post your request, be patient, and that’s it. This is ridiculous.


I’m the only person who did it right.

Yeah I know you are. :smile: Just pointing out people shouldn’t really get bashed on for that kind of stuff.