Another thread about A dream I had.

Well I had a dream last night that I think would make a cool gamemode, If your not interested in listening have a nice day and go read something else.

I had a dream that I was alone at the bottom of a somewhat shallow canyon (500 feet deep?) and there was fog at either end and a dilapidated shed hanging off of the side by some rotted wood beams.
I look up and I see coming from the clouds a rope just hanging there swinging in front of me It goes all the way up to the sky and I cannot see where It is coming from. I pull on it and a crate falls from the sky not far from the start of the rope and lands in front of me I keep pulling and I keep getting a bunch of junk some useful some not I finnally end up building my way out of the canyon. (this is all I need to tell you so unless you care you can scroll down and read what I want to get out of this thread if you want to here the ending here it is) I make it out of the canyon and I see a large plain I see a small person wayy out there I keep running maybe for 15 minutes I just know it was a long time I finnaly get to the person and I see its my mother and she says to me “Well I bet you won’t do that again!” Then I woke up…

Lets see if we can do this in a video game?
Like a spin off of build to the top?

I don’t know where to start though, Im very good at hammer but nothing else, Not really LUA or any kind of gamemode scripting I even have a hard time using custom textures. BUT I WANT THIS DREAM IN A GAMEMODE

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I want to go about this? Should I make a fretta gamemode? garrysmod gamemode? source gamemode? or should I just try to do this in hammer alone?

Thx for the help!

Wouldn’t it be just like build to the top? Also it would be easy and boring imo.