Another Thread About Hackers

Fellow Rusters,

Please allow me to make a brief rant about a hacker we just encountered on a very good community server.

An ally of mine noticed a guy standing outside his base for a moment and when he checked his chests they were all empty. The guy outside was using a wall hack and stole quite a bit of resources. When my friend ran out to kill him, my friend was aimbotted at range by the guy as he ran away.

To those of you who say this game is Alpha and things like this are to be expected - I say I agree, but I know that the vast majority of our 150 man server would rather see hackers taken down than a patrol helicopter in the game that is just going to get shot down by a flying hacker anyway. Or duped so everyone has 50 helicopters. There is no CONTENT in the game that is going to make the game BETTER until hacking is greatly mitigated.

Rust is too good right now for an Alpha status. It has so many great elements right now, but people are attached to the progress they have made. Players paid to play in alpha so they could contribute to the growth of the game, but hackers/dupers/ESP are ruining all game play and resource storage right now.

I highly recommend to anyone who has not purchased RUST to NOT buy it right now because you’ll just waste a lot of time at the end. I have like 150 hours so far in two weeks (vacation) and I have my own pile of suggestions, but I’ll save that for another thread.

Every single steam account that is banned IN ALPHA is one less player who will be hacking - and if they buy another RUST account, good, ban them again and profit.

I have the steam profile of the hacker if anyone is interested, though I doubt it will make a difference.

Please, agree with me to switch priority of the CURRENT game to dealing with HACKERS and delay release or NEW CONTENT until the game is PLAYABLE.



Report hackers on steam.

Sadly, but that is the only way how you can help the community fight back against hackers!

Are you sure your friend just didn’t know how to dodge bullets?

You’ve given no information to allow a community admin to ban this person from their server.

Perhaps, though the server admin has already banned a number of people for Aimbotting.

Doesn’t change the 98% of the rest of the post.

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He was already reported to the Admin on our server and to Steam by multiple people. I won’t worry about him again. But there will be another one, and another one. We can keep banning, but it needs to be fixed at the source. If you would like to know his name I can tell you, as I said in my first post. I just didn’t feel the need to call out individuals unless specifically asked.

I’m sure Facepunch has a plan up their sleeves about the hackers. I highly doubt they’re going to let this ruin their game and I’m certain that they have seen the discussions about it. They’ll deal with the hacker issue soon enough - you can’t rush progress.