Another thread asking about the Notepad.

I wasn’t able to change the title of the last one, so, sorry mods for the new thread. :l

I’m trying to find a notepad, to save and edit text files ingame. The current downloads are broken.

Please help. :l

This what you are looking for?

Nah, I’ve got that, and it’s kind of wierd with regular text and not lua.

:< If someone could remove the colors/anything else to do with lua, so it’d just be a text file opener/saver/editor, that’d be useful. :x

It would have to be lua…

Bah, there’s no working notepads at all? :c


Perhaps I could make a .cfg file named Notepad, and make it echo the text in the console?

I dont understand why you dont want a Lua one?

He wants to edit text files, and save them. Yes the luapad has what he can use, but way over bloated for his needs.

If no one else decides to make one i’ll whip up some thing very quick for your needs.

That’d be great. :v


I saw an amazing one a long time ago, I’ll go find it. The download doesn’t work though.


Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Could you make something? :x

Nearly finished. Just need to add a file directory browser for loading and saving of the files. Then to find how to make a scrollbar for derma text entries.

Right now I have basic text editor, command prompts open for various things. Example not saving a file while trying to make a new one.

Will be done tomorrow. morning GMT time i’m guessing.

That’s a basic In-Game Notepad that loads/saves data I made, currently making the second one now.