Another TTT Problem

Hey guys, I have another problem with my TTT server. For some reason, when people die, their bodies glitch out and crash the server. Is there any fix to this? Its quite annoying. I’ve tried the rag doll catcher but that lags the server even more. Maybe changing the player models will help? Thanks for any help!

What player models are causing this? Or is it all of them?
Also what ragdoll catcher did you try?

Here is the error I got when my server crashed:

 CBaseEntity::SetAbsOrigin( -1.#IND00 -1.#IND00 1.#QNAN0 ): Ignoring unreasonable position.
Crazy physics on [362][prop_physics] [Ang:-1.#IND00,1.#QNAN0,180.000000] [Pos:-1.#IND00,-1.#IND00,1.#QNAN0] - removing
player/phoenix.mdl (2) at -1.$ -1.$ -1.$ in contact with player/phoenix.mdl (2) at -1.$ -1.$ -1.$, crash. dist = -1, minq = 9999999999999999800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000   

So I’m guessing the phoenix.mdl.

And this is the rag doll remover I used which caused the lag.

Well you could always remove that particular model…

I don’t think you understand what phoenix.mdl is…

To the OP, have you tried disabling addons(specifically any addons that interfere with corpses, etc)