Another Unofficial Server-wipe on US East 3

Thank you, cheaters. I appreciate you deleting every thing I’ve collected and built over the last 40 or-so hours server-wide.

Now is my time to depart Rust, I suppose. I will lay down in a corner–head between my knees–and watch the world rust-over.

This is the end.

I feel your pain, friend. When this happened on NA 1, two weeks ago, it literally stopped our entire Rust group from playing the game. Most of us just decided that it wasn’t worth playing until the company can communicate to us that this particular hack is under control. I mean, we were willing to deal with the aim-botters, speed hackers, etc., but this one was just way too much. Together, our group lost over 800-hours of combined work.

We were totally prepared for official server wipes, but not from a hacker. To hear that it’s still going on is very disturbing. Either the company is just letting it happen to gather more data, in an effort to fix the problem once and for all, or they simply cannot fix it at this point.

What’s the point in playing when hackers are running around and destroying entire servers?

It would be nice to hear an official response on this, which is why we’re all still positing about it, but it doesn’t appear as though that’s a priority for the company.

I feel the same way. I quit for a while and just came back around Thursday. Of course, I was met with many hackers–worse off than when I left before–and then had hours of “progress” rolled back incessantly over the weekend. After a few good experiences with friends over the last 40 hours in the last several days, I have everything wiped clean.

I’m so excited for the direction of the game, but it’s rough being a part of the game’s progression. I wish it wasn’t released so early. Furthermore, I wish other players didn’t feel the superficial need to cheat.

Well said. For whatever reason, this game has compelled people to resort to cheating and hacking far more than any other game that I’ve played. Perhaps it’s because the game is so competitive or maybe it’s because the coding of the game is just too susceptible to hackers.

At any rate, Rust is a brutal enough experience without the hackers. I really hope they can get this under control. It seemed like the week after Cheatpunch banned 4.5k hackers, things got better, but it was just the “calm before the storm,” as that weekend is when Omega started hitting the official servers with the worst hack of them all, the one that destroys everything.

This is a battle that I’m sure Facepunch wishes it didn’t have to fight. It would be nice to devote 100% of their time to the progression and development of the game, but, at this point, it needs to be focused on getting these hacks under control. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, as is evidenced by Rust’s sales figures, but that can hurt them in the long run. The players can only take so much before we just give up.

Rust has been the best (and worst) game that I’ve played in over a decade. I really want to see it succeed. I feel that I’ve already got my $20 worth out of great and memorable experiences, so if it becomes a haven for uncontrolled hacking, then so be it–I’ll remember the good times fondly.

They cheat because it is easy to cheat. Hopefully with EAC it will be less of a problem.

Hey dude, I know how you feel. Thats the fith or sixth time for that server almost two weeks. I only go there to open my doors in hopes they’ll do something. But even then its pointless. One of my buildings has been there since early jan, its hard to let go of. I did join a new server, just am waiting to get raped by an admin. When that happens, i’ll give up on rust.

Its a shame, because its a fucking good game, and extremly polished for alpha, but the servers are game breaking for sure.

I left Central 3 because of this.