Another unplayable lag delay issue. Any solutions?

Hi people.

So I got the key finally and started the game to find that when I try to move it will freeze for about about 2-3 seconds, then I will hear footsteps and then il be the direction I moved in.
Using the mouse to look around seems to be relatively fine.

macbook pro
2.2 i7
HD 6750M 1gb
16gb ram

Tried on chrome and safari same issue.
Tried switching ‘Automatic graphics switching’ off so it stays on full graphics power.

Anyone had this issue and found a fix or think its even fixable? I understand its alpha but that fact that I’ve paid and cant even play with bugs isn’t acceptable.


F1 then type grass.on false

Im having the same issues my computer lags out before i can even press F1. I think they seriously need to fix this issue right now since the point of the alpha is to get the game running without issues. Among other things but that’s the primary goal.

It works fine for me.

It probably doesn’t support Macs that well.

Nope it doesn’t, guess I just can’t play Rust anymore

Did you try to turn the grass of as “P4RTYB0Y237” said?

I can’t. It is so laggy that it freezes even before i can do that.

what browser do you use?

Usually chrome, i’ve tried them all though. I think the game is just not optimized for Mac, which is frustrating because it was working fine before the grass update.

Let’s hope they revert the update :frowning:

They seriously need to fix it :confused: I know it’s Alpha but thats what an Alpha is for, to fix problems like this.