Another Unraidable home !

Just an Another idea for an unraidable. A little expensive on wood :slight_smile:
but only 300,000 wood…ish. 5 Doors to go through before getting into main building and then there is separate “bays” individually locked(to stop ppl shooting you as there are gaps you might be able to shoot through.







that’s a metric fuck-tonne of wood there…

Feel like I am looking at another invulnerable furnace house from a couple months ago.

Looks like I have to get back to building oddball bases :slight_smile:

Don’t invite any friends for supper as they will not be able to lay down a sleeping bag or any box or campfire after the build. If you invite them at the beginning and they authorize as you go, then you can enjoy the naked building help. No collapsing walls in this base :). We can just bust through the doors unless you have a F1/kill entry/exit. Much harder raiding I agree.

You can actuelly make a non raidable base on a 1x1 patch.
And fit 2 furnaces , sleeping bag, camp fire, cupboard and a storage box.

This will massively safe on wood and resources and allows you to at least get a descent start before you build something bigger.
If people are interested i could show you how to get all these items in this 1 foundation house.

Teach me please.

yeah, share away if you want.

on a similar topic, i came across a nice defence a few days back. a base built in a river, with triangular water traps around the foundation. so basically, there were just triangular gaps around the base that prevented you getting close enough to the wall to hit it. due to the depth, i couldn’t jump out, and they had been upped to stone, so i couldn’t even jump out;)

Show us, don’t just tease us! …

i think i may have come across the same building, tall tower with a bridge to either side? and the bridges had triangle floors sticking out? like spikes?.

Im at work at the moment.
Will try to post something later this day.

Btw the water traps are pretty nice but with the building exploit still in effect its easy to avoid.

that’s the one;)

if i had enough res for a box, i could probably have gotten out, but the standard raider would be pretty much a lost cause (not considering exploits).

Ok so here’s my current small “unraidable” base.

First i want to say that i do not condone this kind of building normally.
I really hope they will make the cupboard destroy-able in the near future.
But it would be nice if they did that after they fix either the build from a distance exploit or even better remove the entire cupboard and just add higher level floors and window bars(Since these are the 2 main items which raiders using the exploit go for).

Also I’ve tried to find forum policy on these kind of things but could not find any.
Please let me know if these postings are against any rules.
I only wish to help people enjoy their games until the above mentioned items are fixed which i’m sure they will be!

BTW just logged in and of course a shiny new stair was build against my house :D.

Place the first cupboard down, authorize your self and place your foundation like illustrated.
Make sure that the cupboard does not stick out but also try to put it on the edge as close as possible.
The cupboard sunk in the foundation is not going to give it extra raid protection but just some extra head room.

Place 3 walls , roof, door and 1 doorway on the foundation.
And add an extra foundation to the front.
If you have the resources upgrade them to stone

Now comes the tricky part.
Place your sleeping bag first, it must be positioned close to the door and a little left of center.
After that place the 2 furnaces like on the picture and of course as close to the walls as possible.
then continue with placing the campfire in the left cornor.
Now if you did everything right you should just be able to place 1 storage box as seen on the pic.(Sometimes it also fits between the furnaces)

After these steps its probably smart to start crafting your code lock.

Now place foundation blocks around your base.
And start putting cupboards around and on top of your home.(if you have the resources upgrade foundation to stone)

from this point on you have a very safe base to work from.
Even without upgraded stone walls the base is pretty much unraidable.
They could maybe shoot you between the cupboards so make sure to put away your valuables.

What i like to do is put up walls on the outside foundation and make it look shitty.
Also place a wooden door (Multiple) and leave that opened facing outside.
This makes the base look like its been raided and uninteresting.

This version only has one weakness and that is if they manage to get on top of the lower level cupboards.
This is only possible if they use the exploit and they will but im pretty sure that with a little imagination you can fix that as well.

If you only use stone for the door and leave everything else wood you will have a pretty good base for about 26,000 wood,

The base fully upgraded to stone is about 30,000 wood and 4000 stone.

The “wonderfully named vikingvirus”- from community update 20

Aww thanks guys XD blushes

I must also point out this was joint creation between me and [HNn]Guldfeen.

Not sure how to respond without un-shamefully plugging the steam group and server

At HappyNnaked steam group and server we pride ourselves in trying to build “out of the box” (forgive the pun) so visit us and build your own weird and wonderful creations.

Much love to FP devs and community.<3

I had a guy authorize the external tool cupboards I was using as an external wall. I also had many behind internal walls thinking that ALL cupboards had to be authorized to start demolishing. He simply demolished my entire base on one external cupboard. I thought I had tested that you need to authorize ALL tool cupboards, but that must not be the case. That means goodbye to my doors and walls.

Good to know that the authorization zones don’t stack. I would have assumed the same thing. That you would need to be authorized with ALL the cupboards covering an area, not just one.

well that does protect you from players sneaking in, authorising themselves on your cupboard, then building another out of reach (2-3 floors up, then demolishing the floors or something) to stop you building anymore.

Good point! Hadn’t thought of that!

So basically, using tool cupboards to protect your walls like all the examples above doesn’t work? Any one can authorise themselves on any external cupboard and start demolishing your whole base?

No that doesnt work.
Within the given area the first build cupboard has all the power.
Which ofcourse you would need to build inside your base.